Meet Nathan Villarreal Jr.


Youth Director

Nathan is 26 years old and has been involved in youth ministry for most of his life. Before he was even old enough to be in a youth program he observed his dad, who was a youth director, develop and run large youth programs from the ground up. When he was old enough to join a youth group he quickly became a strong leader and mentor in the program. Nate’s fearless and vivacious approach to life has provided him a can-do attitude towards life and people. He has a heart and passion for world hunger, homelessness and any form of oppression. He believes that God is a God of love and compassion and it is up to every one of us play an active role in changing and reshaping this world.

Nate at a very young age began working as a summer camp counselor/ leader and it was then that he realized his love for teaching others about hope that comes from understanding the basic characteristics of a loving God.

He has been married to his beautiful wife Amy for 5 years and they have a 10-month-old beautiful baby boy Nathan Villarreal III. Amy was raised in Guatemala as one of 10 children raised as missionaries.

Nathan is very excited about getting to know the youth here at Grace and looks forward to hearing about their ideas and hopes for this youth program. He has already shared with me numerous ideas, projects as well as fundraisers and appears to be very eager to get started developing these programs. He seems most passionate about watching relationships flourish and grow within the church while simultaneously reaching across societal boundaries such as race, social status, sexual orientation or any other faulty beliefs about the love of Christ. He believes the best way to accomplish this is by empowering our youth to witness through fellowship and love in action!  

He asks for your prayers, support and love, as he works to develop a strong foundation over the next year.