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Grace Presbyterian Church Vacation Bible School June 2018

Super Hero Central

VBS 2018 was super success!

And its all because of a great bunch of Super Hero’s for God! The kids had an awesome time as they practiced their Super Hero pledges. The first being Do Good, Seek Peace, and Go After It!!

The second Pledge:

 God’s Heroes have Heart!

God’s Heroes have Courage!

God’s Heroes have Wisdom!

God’s Heroes have Hope!

God’s Heroes have Power!

Every day they received a mission to learn about each one of these characteristics of God’s Heroes. As they visited five different stations.

First, they hit the Arts and Crafts area where each day they created/made their super Hero costumes, Prayer Journals, Prayer Box’s, Book Markers, and Shields.

Then they quickly rushed to the super hero fueling station for snacks and bible story presentation and application

After that they flew to the super hero training center where they learned and participated in physical strength training and what it means to be a super hero for God.

At Station four they learned about what it means to be a super Hero for God and protect and conserve the resources God has given us through sea life conservation and preservation.

Station five they were presented with dramatic presentations through story telling of real Hero’s for God in the bible. 

It was awesome watching the kids get stronger every day in their understanding of what it means to be a super Hero for God. None of this would have been possible had it not been for all the volunteers that gave not just of their time and resources but more importantly put so much heart and passion into each lesson or project. As I visited each station every day my heart was filled with so much respect and appreciation for these true Super Hero’s. They did not just show up and do their job that they had volunteered for they put so much love and passion into all the lessons and projects. Wow what an amazing team of talented and spirit filled individuals we have loving on our kids here at Grace!

Thank you all for all your hard work, love and dedication! You truly are super Hero’s for God!!!

Grace Presbyterian Church Sunday Ground Breaking Ceremony, February 18, 2018 KiiiTv News

Grace Prebyterian Church & Kids Place at Grace Ground Breaking Ceremony
What’s Right About Grace Presbyterian Church?

December 18, 2017 by The Presbyterian Outlook 

Grace Presbyterian Church — Corpus Christi, Texas
                                              Imagine being more than just a come-and-see church, but also a come-and-do church. Imagine having people come to church who wouldn’t otherwise to see musicals like “Little Shop of Horrors” and “A Christmas Carol.” Imagine having people not only come to watch a production, but decide to get involved in the next play. Imagine recruiting the local community college theater director to rally his classes to get involved. Imagine having families and youth spend hours together in weekly rehearsals that build community and fellowship. Imagine having the community get involved in productions and then start coming on Sunday mornings.

                                                 Does this sound like evangelism through the arts? That’s what it is. I would love to say we planned it that way, but it was God-given, accidental and effective evangelism. Through our talented worship leader and director, Nathan Villarreal, we started putting on some amazing productions with homegrown talent. We found it not only energized our congregation (they loved to invite their friends), but offered a warm welcome for those in our community.


– John Roberts, pastor (

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Relief Supplies For Those In Need
Little Shop of Horrors

Audrey (Miriam Garza)

Little Shop of Horrors Cast

Fire & Ice Girls

One of our many fans!

Seymour (Nathan Villarreal) & Audrey II

Audrey (Miriam Garza) & Audrey II

Seymour (Nathan Villarreal ) & Audrey II




















Seymour (Nathan Villarreal & Audrey II

Seymour being interviewed with Audrey & Audrey II

Pastor John as the crazy dentist along with James Baker as the eager patient

Cast taking a bow

Fire & Ice Girls

Candlelight Vigil