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Local Family Gets a Head Start on Planned Home Makeover – KRISTV

Grace Members Volunteer to Unload Hurricane Harvey
Relief Supplies For Those In Need
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Penelope Olivares
London Jade Wilfong
Jamel Luis Cruz 
Little Shop of Horrors

Audrey (Miriam Garza)

Little Shop of Horrors Cast

Fire & Ice Girls

One of our many fans!

Seymour (Nathan Villarreal) & Audrey II

Audrey (Miriam Garza) & Audrey II

Seymour (Nathan Villarreal ) & Audrey II

Seymour (Nathan Villarreal & Audrey II

Seymour being interviewed with Audrey & Audrey II

Pastor John as the crazy dentist along with James Baker as the eager patient

Cast taking a bow

Fire & Ice Girls

Candlelight Vigil