We believe that God has inspired people throughout the ages to write hymns and songs of praise and that he continues to inspire musicians from all generations to write music that praises Him. We believe that debates regarding the styles of music are more a matter of personal preference than anything else. In short, it says more about the person’s tastes than it does about God. In appreciation of that, we want to give worshipers an option to choose the style of worship they prefer. In the Traditional service, our music is a mix of classical, traditional, and an occasional contemporary anthem. In our Contemporary service we use a blend of musical styles to give thanks to God. Our full band including drums, guitar, keyboard, bass, and vocals use a great mix of new and old – plenty of songs you know and love from popular contemporary Christian music, original compositions, old gospel favorites and an occasional hymn jazzed up a bit! Regardless of musical styles, the focus of all of our worship services is to bring glory to God and to support and encourage every worshiper in their journey of faith.