History of Grace Presbyterian Church

5 Grace Presbyterian Church was formally organized on Wednesday, May 3, 1970, with the uniting of Central Park and Westminster Presbyterian Churches, located on Gollihar Road at Carroll Lane.
In late 1992, Mission Presbytery reached out to their five congregations in the Corpus Christi area asking one to take a leap of faith by relocating to the south side of town where they anticipated rapid growth.
In February 1993, Grace answered God’s call to continue His work in the south side community by voting to sell their facilities on Gollihar Road.
In 1995, Grace’s unwavering faith was rewarded with gifted land (by a partner’s family) on Yorktown Boulevard (at Cimarrron Boulevard). Shortly thereafter, Richter Architects was commissioned to design the new facility to be built in three phases. Centered on a plaza/courtyard, the final design won prestigious awards for Richter Architects.
Seven years later, as our Grace family grew it was evident additional class rooms/activity rooms were needed. On Wednesday, July 17, 2002, Grace’s Long Range Planning Committee met again with Richter Architects to address said issue. And to meet the financial aspect of the plan – our Faith In The Future Capital Campaign was born.
In the meantime, our Youth needed a place to call their own. Our Grace Presbyterian Men answered the call by purchasing a modular building. The L.I.F.E (Living In Faith Eternally) Building as it was named by our Youth, is still being put to good use and is situated behind the Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall.
In 2007, with proceeds from our Faith In The Future Capital Campaign, Phase II of the Master Plan: The Education Building (consisting of five all-purpose rooms and a formal meeting room) was added as an addition onto the existing office building which also benefitted from a “facelift”. This expansion not only addressed our immediate need for additional continuing Christian education meeting space – it also allowed Grace to launch “Kids Place at Grace” (our pre-school Parents-Day-Out program).
With Phases I and II complete, Grace with Faith In The Future is looking forward to growing again and with growth will come the realization of Phase III – a dedicated Sanctuary!

Grace Western Wall Prayer Garden

9The highlight of every pilgrimage to Israel is a visit to the Garden Tomb, the Western Wall, the Temple Mount and Calvary.
Grace has created a Biblical Garden Devotion area that now includes the 14 Stations of the Cross, The Western Wall, Calvary and the Garden Tomb. In addition, there are olive trees and a vineyard. A Partner of Grace, Buz Sawyer, helped design this very unique piece of Biblical history for Grace. It includes the Garden Tomb to the left side of the Western Wall with the Cross of Calvary beaming from the top.
The Western Wall has always been an important place of prayer and it is at Grace as well. Christian and Jewish pilgrims place their prayer requests in the cracks of the wall every single day and this is possible at Grace. The Wall (known as the Kotel in Hebrew) is the last remains of the Temple in Jerusalem. The Temple Mount area is where the Golden Dome now stands and the Cross was placed there since Jesus was crucified on Calvary. The Garden Tomb is always the highlight of worship to the pilgrim in Jerusalem and the Empty Tomb is beaming with Christian proclamation at the Grace Prayer Garden.