Be the Good News

Want to Serve?
We would love to have you join us in our “Embraced by Grace” outreach opportunities where you can help meet the needs of hurting people and BE THE GOOD NEWS!
There are three important ways to help us to know you and to know your strengths, your gifts, and your skills. This will require some time on your part, but it is an integral part of placing all that we have and all that we are in His hands to shape and putting our faith with our feet!
Before completing this form prayerfully consider the following. Like clay in the potter’s hand God wants all of who we are in HIS HANDS. It is easy to simply decide what I am willing to do or not willing to do based upon my own experiences, but God is saying “Give it all to me and let me shape your servant life. Let me take your strengths, your gifts, and your skills and mold you into the servant I have called you to be.”
Allowing God to shape our servanthood, put our feet where He wants them requires that we accept the invitations HE gives us, not that we create.
His invitation will ALWAYS be to LOVE in ways that WE ARE INCAPABLE OF ON OUR OWN…we need Him…to love like Him. His “Love assignments” will always be GOD SIZED so that when anyone sees what you are doing they see the Father, and all glory is given to Him and people will want to come to know Him and want to be in a relationship with Him.
Prayerfully lay aside and preconceived ideas. Allow God to shape your response to HIS Invitation to you.
Here’s What We Will Need:
  • Complete the online StrengthsQuest here. This is a Gallup poll survey that indentifies your top strengths. There is a $10 fee for this assessment. Please email the results of your strengthquest profile to help us have a better idea of your strengths and how they will fit into our projects.
  • Complete the Spiritual Gift Assessment here.
  • Complete the Servant Form below
Once your information is received we will contact you by phone or email within a week a week to talk with you about all the opportunities available now and in the future. Thank you for being willing to GO GOD SIZED WITH GRACE!
Embraced by Grace Servant Form


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I am able to serve during the following times:

I am interested in serving in the following categories (check all that apply):
TransportationConstructionAdministrationFoodSewingCraftingArtWood WorkingRestoration/RefurbishingShoppingPhotography/VideographyHealth/Exercise and MedicalLandscaping, Gardening, and TreesProduction/Directing/Drama/DanceGet Fit ProgramFundraisingSponsoring a Child

I have other licenses, skills or training that may be useful:

The following questions concern your current and past involvement in various organizations that may be helpful information.
I am currently active serving at GraceI currently serve in the communityI have served with other organizations in the pastI have been or am currently serving on community/organization boards

In thinking about these principles have you ever known that God had a “God sized” assignment for you to do but you didn’t join Him because you were afraid? If so and you are willing please share your experience.

God invites you and I daily to join Him. Are you willing to be receptive to His God sized assignments? What might a “God sized assignment” look like for you? Something you cannot do on your own that only He could do through you!

Would you be willing to join a small group with the purpose of challenging your comfort zone of servant hood?

If there are other areas that you would like us to know about that weren't mentioned here, please feel free to describe any skill or willingness to serve concerning outreach that you would like us to know.