About Us

Kid’s Place is considered one of the top learning centers for small children, in Corpus Christi, by many professionals as well as industry leaders. In addition to attributing our success to our Lord’s favor, we believe our secret is in our curriculum.  Kid’s Place blends a modified Montessori environment with Introduction to Spanish, Introduction to Math, and the Wee Learn Christian curriculum. In addition, we are a Texas School Ready certified program and a certified Baby Sign Center. More information about our learning theories can be found on our curriculum page.
While academics and development rank very high in the Early Childhood field currently in the US, we would like to emphasize that a safe loving and nurturing environment filled with fun, and prayer of course, are truly the most essential ingredients to help children develop a love for school and learning, which will serve as a base for many future years in education. Therefore, while it is important to look at how well our students rank in the primary grades or how well regarded our educational theories are, our emphasis remains on our children having fun and loving school.
Our calendar mimics the district and our yearly budget, including holidays is divided into 12 months. If parents choose to take off the summer months they are welcome to do so. However, in order to hold their child’s spot they need to pay a re-registration fee prior to leaving for the summer.